At the age of ten, Presenter began to learn Classical Guitar (Gatto Guitar). He played Classical Music for a long time. Then he changed playing the Classical Guitar to the Electric Guitar.

He started his professional career as an electric guitarist playing Classical Music, Rock and Roll Music, Jazz, Popular Music, Bossa Nova, etc. In 1975, the basis (formation, arrangement, performance form, sound, etc.) of this Music CD had already been created by Presenter.

After a long interval, he started his musical activity in 2000 again. CD Album - Presenter, Vol. 1 arranged and performed by Presenter, wasreleased in August 2000. And then, Presenter, Vol. 2 was released in December 2001.

Presenter plays classical music on the electric guitar with pure tone, which overturns a general idea of an electric guitar, and he hopes that there will increase people who like classical music. And he hopes that this charming new classical music will be a trigger which can awaken new classical music fans.

His guitar performance is unusual and a very special style. People might not have heard such guitar sound before. Presenter is sending his new sound music all over the world. 

Presenter wishes to express especially profundity, elegance, and modernity in his playing classical music.