People's comments

My wife and I really LOVE Presenter's music. We want as many folks as possible to enjoy Presenter's music brings me joy and it makes me feel happy. ( Male  50s  - Missouri, USA)

This CD is literally a present from Presenter. First of all, listening to this CD, my prejudice to the electric guitar disappeared. Each music on this CD is my favorite one. I believe that Presenter's music brings people joy. It makes them feel happy. I hope that Presenter's music will contributes to improve and evolve the world. (Female 50s)

We listened to the music of Presenter's CD non-stop until the next morning. Presenter is so professional. His music was so beautiful. I really felt relaxed and enjoyed his music( (Female 30s - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I hardly listen to Classical Music. I like and play Soul Music. When I listened to Presenter Music, I was very surprised. The sound of E. Guitar is so beautiful. I've never heard such music.Presenter Sound is pure. Presenter's Home Page is plain and heartwarming. (Male 20s)

Presenter's sound is so soft and gentle. It takes me back to 1960's. The Sound of "The Spotonicks" and "Barney Kessel", etc. This CD music and his guitar technique are perfect! (Male 40s)

I very much enjoy listening to the music. My wife works at a school for very young children, she are playing Presener's CDs in her class. She told me that those pupils like the drawings of frogs on CD's jacket and his music very much.  (Male 40s - Illinois, USA)

I just heard "Voice of Spring" by Johann Strauss, Jr. played by Presenter on Beethoven Radio ( I am crazy about Strauss music (Johann or Josef). I absolutely loved Presenter's version of "Voice of Spring". Very unique! Wonderful! (Female - California, USA)

I listened to Presenter's marvelous interpretation of classical music on the guitar - a really outstanding and unusual quality and sound! (Male - Leipzig, Germany)

I was deeply moved by the beautiful sound of the electric guitar. I could not imagine such sound at all until now. (Female 20s)

Very high his guitar technique. I understand the difficulty of playing Classical Music for Violin on E. Guitar. Especially, "L'estro armonico" is quite excellent. (Male 50s)

It is encouraging that I listen to this CD before going to the office every morning. Presenter's music is encouraging music to me. After getting back to home from my office, I listen to this CD again before I sleep. So I feel that my heart is healed and the day's fatigue is gone. (Female 20s)

Comments of Overseas Media on Presenter Music

Radio Toronto-FM(Canada)- It would be a pleasure to share Presenter's music with our listeners here at CIUT-FM Toronto. Presenter's music is quite an impressive performance. It is truly my pleasure to allow listeners to discover Presenter Sound.

PURE Radio (England) - Fantastic! Presenter is genius!

KCRW (USA) - Presenter's music is charming and he has great technique.

Beethoven Radio (USA) - Wonderful! It will be a nice occasional "departure" from our traditional classical programming.  We always enjoy hearing Presenter's  music, and we continue to play the CDs as a fun alternative to the traditional arrangements of the classical "hits."

Radio PSR (Germany) - Marvellous!

Avtoradio (Radio 101)(Russia) - Beautiful! The music performed is really wonderful and breath-taking!

Radio ZAK (Poland) - Unique! Interesting!

Radio Six International (Scotland) - The music is excellent and most enjoyable!

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Carnegie Hall -  At this point in history, classical music needs friends from every source. And any means which can awaken that interest in a younger and wider audience is more than welcome.
I hope that your plans move ahead. 

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