PresenterSound Music
Classical Music on Electric Guitar

The artist, known as Presenter, plays all the musical instrument parts of Orchestra Full Score with Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar and Guitar Synthesizer. 

Presenter also plays Brass and Woodwinds, Piano, Harp, Chorus, etc. with Guitar Synthesizer.

Presenter's own original chord progression is added in respective music. Presenter Music is same as 32 - 46 members of an orchestra are performing, however, it is literally "One-Person Orchestra".

This electric guitar and guitar synthesizer sound are rich, full, spacious and totally different from any other styles of existing music.

Presenter Music - PresenterSound Music - beautiful, unparalleled sound that brings new life to the compositions of the Old Masters.

Presenter Sound Music - It brings joy, encouragement and hope, and it heals people's heart.